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Luis’s Caprice Threatens to Decrease the Peace

Chicago hothead Rep. Luis Gutierrez echoes threats of civil disobedience if the Democrats don’t crucify themselves on a cross of amnesty:

“We’re going to make it uncomfortable for the Democratic Party,” Gutierrez said, adding that immigration advocates would step up the pressure by drawing lessons from the movements for civil rights and women’s suffrage. “There’ll probably be civil disobedience. There will probably be a number of different actions. What we have to do is we have to break through this wall of silence, because we’re invisible.”

Even more suicidally, he says he’ll urge Hispanic voters to stay home in November in the absence of a push for amnesty. Si se puede!

On another note, the story in The Hill refers to Gutierrez as “a former cab driver first elected to represent Chicago in 1992″ — given that the article is about politics rather than transportation, it might be more relevant to point out that he was a leader in the Puerto Rican Socialist Party.


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