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Luntz & Palin

From a reader:


Long-time reader, first-time writer.  Did you happen to catch C-SPAN’s coverage of Frank Luntz’s focus group this afternoon?  It was made up of about two dozen Minnesotans and sponsored by AARP.  It didn’t go real well for Palin.  The folks just didn’t know enough about her and that made them think she wasn’t ready.  Luntz did bring up the issue of “accountability”.  The group thought Obama best met their definition of accountable, but they couldn’t define what they meant when pressed. 

I’ve been super-jazzed about the Palin pick all weekend, but these older Minnesotans really got me down about her.  She needs to be giving multiple speeches per day and meeting with high level foreign policy pros (Petraeus, Powell, Rice, Scowcroft, etc, whoever it takes to build up her reputation on nat’ security policy).  Here in Ohio and with my family in Indiana, she does seem to be playing well though.  All the middle age secretaries in our office watched her speech on Friday.  Needless to say, their interest was sparked.  


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