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M } it, There Isn’t N E Thing New Under the Sun

The next time you find yourself irked by the rise of the crude, utilitarian patois of text messages and e-mails, be a good conservative and remember that there is nothing new under the sun. This poem is circa 1832:

"Essay to Miss Catharine Jay"

An SA now I mean to write

 To U, sweet KTJ,

The girl without a ||,

 The belle of UTK.

I 1 der if you got that 1

 I wrote 2UB4

I sailed in the RKDA,

 And sent by LNMore.

My MT head will scarce contain

 A calm IDA bright;

But AT miles from UI must

 M} this chance 2 write.

And 1st, should NENVU,

 BEZ, mind it not;

Should NE friendship show, B true,

 They should not be forgot.

And if U cannot cut a ---,

 Or cause an !

I hope U'll put a .

 2 1 ?

RU for an X ation 2,

 My cous N? Heart and☛

He off R's in a ¶,

 A §, 2, of land.

He says he loves U2XS,

 UR virtuous and Y's,


 All others in his i's.

This SA, until UIC,

 I pray U2XQ's,

And do not burn in FEG

 My young and wayward muse.

Now fare U well, dear KTJ,

 I trust that UR true,

When this U C, then you can say,


Via Gizmodo.


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