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Macron it is

As expected, Emmanuel Macron, the establishment candidate (however much this might be denied), has managed a comfortable 63-37 (or more – the numbers are not final) win over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections. 

Turnout looks to have been down (and blank votes up), suggesting that the voters were none too impressed by the choice they were required to make, an impression reinforced by one poll showing that 43 percent of Macron voters gave opposition to Marine Le Pen as their main reason for voting for him. According to the same poll, 33 percent of Macron voters saw their vote primarily as one for ‘political renewal’ (Spoiler: they will be disappointed) and 16 percent put it down to Macron’s program, no minor feat as no one really knows what his program will be (something sort-of-Blairite maybe, but probably further to the left).

Just one poll, but interesting.