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Mad As Hell ….

This is a revealing moment at a McCain rally:

Update: The bulk of reader reactions look like these:

That gentleman was definitely expressing the same growing frustration

that my wife and I are feeling – especially after the revelations on

Powerline last night about Obama’s apparent membership — membership for

God’s sake – and subsequent lies about it in the Socialist Party.

Watching McCain, however, I don’t agree with him that he “gets it”.

McCain immediately went into his usual tripe about “wanting to work with

the other side to solve our problems”. He totally missed the point that

the man was frustrated with McCain’s and Palin’s own unwillingness to go

after the socialist hard. Bi-partisanship is the last thing that man

wanted to hear. He (and we) want Obama directly challenged and exposed.

Are we going to have to wait for the 527’s to save our bacon again?


Good grief – that guy made his point as clearly as he possibly could under the circumstances, I’m sure he was a little bit nervous, he had probably been running over what he wanted to say in his mind, and it came out a little bit muddled, but the point was quite clear.  He, and the rest of the conservatives in this country are sick and tired of being taken for granted, having our money stolen by the government and given to lazy, ungrateful people who don’t contribute or produce (or often, aren’t even citizens) anything.  This poor guy is up standing up there, obviously pissed off and upset, and McCain is almost mocking him, “Well, excccuuuussssssse me!”  “How dare this voter actually express himself and question my wisdom…”


And all John McCain can do in response is give some trite tired response about how he’ll “work with anyone…”?!!!  WE DON’T WANT YOU WORKING WITH PEOPLE!  WE WANT YOU TO FIGHT AGAINST THE PELOSIS, THE REIDS, AND THE OBAMAS!


He doesn’t get it.  The time is past for bipartisanship, for reaching across the aisle and for compromise.  Getting absolutely nothing done to do Congressional deadlock might be the best thing that could happen to this country right now, if only to leave the government out of it.  If McCain doesn’t wise up, and real quick, he’s going to end up with half a country full of people like that guy there, and we’re not just mad at the Democrats.  McCain’s as bad as the rest of them.  Throw the bums out.


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