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This came in last night in response to this post. Apparently the “reader” doesn’t understand sarcasm in the slightest. For those, like this guy, who didn’t get it, the point of my post was that so many Obama-supporters insisted, suggested or otherwise implied that by merely electing a black guy named Obama, the world, including the Muslim world, would love us.

Anyway,  I do admire his energy, (asterisks mine):



Perhaps the reason Barack Obama is being burned in effigy –you stupid f***ng fence post– is because he is the president-elect of the United States. What did you expect, cretin? He’d get a pass? Apparently, the drooling bedwetters who make up the conservative wing of the GOP were the only people who got the memo that Mr. Obama is an American-hating, half-breed Muslim.


You’re so stupid you must eat with a rubber spoon. Otherwise, you’d stab yourself accidentally when inhaling your Spaghetti-O’s. No wonder you were among the rightwingers loved Sarah Palin. She’s almost as simple as you, but wisely chooses not to demonstrate it on a daily basis. And she has worked for a living, unlike someone employed by a pathetic publication that yearly must beg readers for a few bucks just to keep the lights turned on. What a sad little rag NR has become. . .a clown car for every failed rightwing douchebag who can’t get a paying gig anywhere else.


Oh yeah. I know conservatives are traditionally slow on the uptake, but “Prison Break” has sucked ass for the past two seasons, dork.


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