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In Impromptus today, I have an item about Rand Paul and attempts to distance a son from his father. A conservative writes a whiny note, with which I concur entirely (being in a whiny mood):

Dear Mr. Nordlinger,

It is probably impossible to mention anything for which there is not a liberal double standard. I don’t recall Al Gore’s ever being asked about his father’s opposition to civil-rights legislation.

In the Corner not long ago, I mentioned, for some reason, Kitty Carlisle Hart, and her marriage proposal from George Gershwin. A reader writes, 

Jay – 

Kitty Carlisle Hart was my cousin’s mother-in-law. My mother treasured having lunch with her once. I read a biography of Thomas Dewey, and he proposed to her too (late in his life). But it was a Green Acres type of situation where he wanted her upstate on his farm and she loved city life.

 Ah, Green Acres! Eva Gabor! Arnold! (The pig, right?)


Hi, Jay:

Your post about Saddam Hussein and “Jew composers” reminded me of a comment by one of my Upper West Side neighbors. Several years ago, during a conversation about American popular music, she spat out that Gershwin had no right to compose blues songs because he was “a white Jew.” She teaches at CUNY. Terrific — right?

Who could be surprised? She’s probably chairman of her department.

By the way, odd little fact for you: When Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize (1964), they had music at his ceremony — they the Norwegians. An orchestra (I believe) played selections from Porgy and Bess.

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