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Maine Supreme Court: Sex-Change Recognition No Longer Requires Court Order

The Maine Supreme Court has now declared that a transgender boy who identifies as a girl must be allowed to use female facilities, California passed a law to the same effect last year.

The focus on bathrooms is misplaced. In CA, a girl with a penis will have to be allowed to use the girl’s locker rooms and allowed on female sports teams, and vice versa.

It used to be that to have a sex change officially recognized, you had to undergo counseling and obtain a court-ordered change of birth certificate. That at least brought some structure to this very sensitive issue. 

No more. 

GLAAD advocates assert this will reduce bullying. Alas, I think the opposite is true. 

And for all you retrograde parents who don’t want your children exposed to these issues at a tender age — tough toenails!


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