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Make the Celebration Brief

An e-mail:

I know you and Peggy and all the other troops are taking a well deserved pat on the back for the end of the Clinton era, but I think it might be going a bit far. Leftist idealogy is so inherently self-destructive that inevitably competing forces within it will destroy one another, for example Barack taking down Hillary. The Left has a sort of inverse process of “creative destruction” — over time, they become more cynical, more prideful. Unfortunately, we’re now at the point where the Left has appointed someone even more destructive, even more Messianic than the worst of the Clinton era. I’m sure we can expect that they’ll be every bit as corrupt and divisive as the Clintons were — just look at Rezko, Wright, etc. Let’s celebrate the end of Clinton, for sure … but let’s make it a brief celebration.



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