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Make That Coffee Strong

The Washington Post echoes the Journal. Dana Milbank begins: “With President Bush’s embrace yesterday of a marriage amendment, the compassionate conservative of 2000 has shown he is willing, if necessary, to rekindle the culture wars in 2004.” The headline reads “A Move to Satisfy Conservative Base.” At least Milbank plugs in Gary Bauer before the jump noting that Bush has “never really shown an enthusiasm” for battle on the social issues.

The Post also uses its poll showing an almost even division on a marriage amendment. (Inside, the more telling poll shows 55 percent oppose “gay marriage,” and 39 percent don’t.) They also picture two gay men inside.

Here’s what the Post sorely lacks, this morning and nearly ever other. The words “liberal base.” Pictures of the activists who are trying to stand up for marriage, not just happy gay couples kissing or sniffing flowers. And a recognition that John Kerry is at least as scared of this issue.

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