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Make It Stop

I am sinking into cynicism. Neither of these guys has a clue what to do

about Social Security. Neither has a clue what to do about health care.

Uh-oh — immigration. Can’t believe they are actually talking about it.

Prez: 1,000 more border agents. Let’s see… that’s one per 3 miles,

right? Uh-uh. Willing worker, willing employer… back to the January

proposal — the one that drove your base nuts, Mr. Prez. “I don’t think we

ought to reward illegal behavior.” Woo-hoo.

Kerry: Here’s what I’ll do. We need a guest worker program. (Why?) “Out

of the shadows”–this seems to be the pro-illegal-immigration cliche du

jour. Yo: They’re in the shadows because THEY BROKE THE LAW.

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