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Make Weekend Plans, Dudes

For long-term good reasons, there’s going to be nothing added to NRO between noon Friday (tomorrow—ack) and early Tuesday morning. Doing a server switch.

Wow. I know. Complaints from readers on the other side of the planet aside about no-posting in the wee hours from mostly East Coast American writers here aside, NRO has really become something of a 24/7 kinda thing. Check in when you get home from dinner and see if someone’s weighed in on things big or small. Often, yup, there are a few someones on somethings.

But, anyhow, for one long weekend only, for the betterment of NRO–and therefore the world–we’ll be falling a little silent (A good chance for you to catch up on missed NRO reading, NRO author books, NRODT reading…maybe have an outside-NRO life, like outdoors….) I wanted to warn you in advance. We’re here today though, and tomorrow morning.

What do you think about this? I’m thinking of not e-mailing my colleagues, just as a test, to see who reads The Corner and who doesn’t. When Jonah calls my cell at 2 am Friday wanting to know why his Klingon translation of The Corner won’t go up, I’ll know what I needed to know.


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