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Makes It All Worthwhile

Here’s a letter to the editor which appeared in the San Antonio Express-News this week:

“Unfortunately, America has its neocons and the Islamic world has its bin Ladens,” spews columnist Mansour O. El-Kikhia in his rant last Friday (“Support for U.S. growing thinner”). Later, he dismisses an Arab inferiority complex as nonsense, then goes to great lengths to explain why Arabs have an inferiority complex.

I’d like to attack his argument, but I can’t find one. Yes, the Arab world is a sociopolitical mess. Western policies share some fault, but it’s primarily because of that civilization’s inability to modernize, secularize and adopt government structures based on principles of democracy and egalitarianism.

But I don’t expect El-Kikhia to understand that.

Jonah Goldberg once wrote, “If I declare I have the Holy Grail in my pants, can bake 12-minute brownies in four minutes, eat kittens because vests have no sleeves and that aardvarks tend to split their infinitives, I may well be a brave dissenter from the bourgeois norms, but I’m (also) certainly a jabbering lunatic.”

How applicable.

Chris Doremus, Lakehills

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