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Making Money Off The War

Good points Derb, and we should also note that (surprise!), the protestor is exactly wrong.

From Niall Ferguson’s excellent new book “Colossus:”

“Anyone who invested in the oil field engineering company Halliburton in late 2000 in the expectation that the company would benefit from a Republican election victory has been disappointed. In the three years to Nov. 2003 the company’s shares declined by more than a third and did not benefit significantly from the more aggressive Middle Eastern policy supported by its friends in high places. An investor who put his money in Wal-Mart shares in late 2000 would, by contrast, have made a capital gain of a fifth.”

Far from making money on the war, it’s pretty safe to assume the VP’s nest-egg has been considerably whittled down by Halliburton’s drop in value since he took office. He should get John Edward’s to sue the firm!

Hillary still holds the record for smart investing……..

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