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Making Your Way Through The Neighborhood

Don’t forget to check out the homepage today: Meghan Gurdon on diplomatic maneuvers in her household, Tom Gross dissecting the Beeb, Scholar Tom Madden writes on the latest blow to Inquisition conventional wisdom, Rich on how history bears on the current struggles in Iraq; Leonard Albin on why John Kerry’s best bet in the Veep department is…himself; Fox’s David Asman, John Podhoretz, Jana Novak, Bruce Stockler, Colleen Carroll Campbell, Jonah, Derb, Stuttaford, Nick Schulz, & K-Lo others on fatherhood; plus the ombudsnuisance on immigration, a Mark Steyn sneak peek at his NRODT “Happy Warrior” column, Kudlow, a Florence King misanthropic flashback, and much more.

AND don’t forget to be checking that Kerry Spot.

AND…there is still more to come today, including a G-File and WFB. So keep your browser on NRO.


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