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Male, Female, Gay, Straight

To several readers who think I am wrong (imagine!) about the male-female, hetero-homo, jail-bait business, look:  If I were wrong, then LaFavism would be widely regarded–I mean, by people not terminally PC-whipped — as a serious problem.  Which it isn’t.  As opposed to the opposite thing.  Which is.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I have a boy and a girl, and I know how I feel about the one thing, and about the other.  I wouldn’t particularly want Ms. LaFave teaching at my son’s school, but putting her in jail for indulging her peculiar inclinations would be ridiculous.  So far as my daughter is concerned, however:  lock’n’load.

You can’t just take a true sentence in this zone, switch around the words “male” and “female” (or “heterosexual” and “homosexual”) and expect the sentence to remain true.  It might, or it might not.  Whatever your college “diversity” counsellor told you, it is not the case that everything is equal to everything else.


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