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Malik Shabazz: ‘Provocateurs,’ ‘Plants’ Causing Violence in Ferguson

“Intentional provocateurs” and “outside infiltrators” are responsible for the eruptions of violence during the protests of peaceful marchers in Ferguson, Mo., according to Black Lawyers for Justice president Malik Shabazz.

“They’ve been here everyday to try to provoke the police to attack us,” Shabazz told CNN as tensions escalated in the city shortly after 10 p.m. local time. “We cannot allow this movement to be destroyed — we’re here for justice.”

When asked about the arrest of man minutes earlier for “carrying a jug of something,” Shabazz, a former chairman of the New Black Panthers Party, said that man was “a plant.” “I don’t know who he’s planted by, but he’s not with us — he’s here to make this look bad, and we don’t want to make it look bad,” he said.​

Shabazz called on community volunteers to help keep the peace in Ferguson.


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