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A Malthus Moment?

Mike: Seems to me the guy you are actually channeling there is not Chuck Darwin but his predecessor and inspiration, the Rev. Thos. Malthus. Note the man’s title, please.

Malthus seems to be “in the air” currently. Michael Knox Beran, reviewing David Stove’s What’s Wrong With Benevolence in the current (July 18) National Review, has things to say about him — understandably, as Stove’s book offers a qualified reclamation of Malthus. I reviewed the same book for the current (August) issue of The American Conservative, and pass some comments of my own on Malthus. I also tackle the good Rev. from a different angle in an upcoming issue of The New Criterion, by way of reviewing Mara Hvistendahl’s book on sex imbalances.

It’s a Malthus moment, I tell you. This doesn’t really make much sense, since de-population is more of a conversation topic than over-population, at least in the advanced world. Possibly they have a different point of view in the Horn of Africa.


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