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Gary Johnson’s crack last night — “My next-door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration” — earned some laughs in the audience last night.

But when it came out that Rush Limbaugh had made a similar joke yesterday morning, people began to wonder if Johnson had just copied the joke.

Not so, says Johnson. “I got emails yesterday from everybody I know giving me suggestions of what I should or shouldn’t say,” Johnson told Fox News’ America’s Newsroom program this morning, “and included in those emails was an email from the leading radio talk show host in New Mexico on AM Radio who said for two days he had conducted a call-in [called] let’s give Gary some zingers that he might use in the debate. So this was among the list of 14 zingers that were sent to me, apparently by call-ins to that show. I think it was kind of a collective New Mexico effort that gave me that line.”


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