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‘The Man with the Mustache’

That’s what Bush 43 once exclaimed, when he spotted John Bolton: “The man with the mustache!” Mona Charen and I have the ambassador as our guest on our latest podcast. You will see on the relevant page that Mona and I are sporting Bolton mustaches. It looks best on John, I concede.

The whole discussion is rollicking, I think (with me being too boisterous). You would think this country had an important election coming up. A hinge-like election.

Oh, why does it have to be so all-fired important? It shouldn’t be — “nation of laws” and all that. Place ought to run on autopilot, under the Constitution. Elections ought to be virtual yawns — Jones or Smith, whatever. But, man, does this election seem important. Pivotal. (Not that I don’t think that every four years, frankly.)


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