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This Man Is Not Alone

An e-mail:


I was just about to contribute the full $4,600 to John McCain for primary and general election, less the $500 I’ve already sent. But I’ve had it with him trashing fellow Republicans, which he’s made a career of. I’m not sending another dime to McCain until he apologizes to the North Carolina GOP with as much fanfare as he just embarrassed them publicly.

How does he expect to raise any GOP money with this B.S. of trashing other Republicans constantly in the media? He’s doing NOTHING to build the party, it’s all “me, me, me” with McCain.

My support for McCain has been just as tentative as McCain’s support for market liberty, the Constitution, limited government, low taxes and not buying in to the leftist takeover on climate change.

I’ve had it with him with this latest insult. I didn’t like him showing up that Cincinnatti guy supporting him either. If he doesn’t like their tone, tell them in private. I want an apology to the North Carolina GOP or no more money.

Treat other Republicans with respect, period.