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Manchin, Casey Will Not Support Repeal

Two moderate Democrats up for reelection in 2012 — Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virgina, a freshman, and Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania — remain undaunted by this week’s Florida ruling on Obamacare and will not flip to the GOP’s position on repeal.

In interviews with NRO, both said they will continue to support the Affordable Care Act. “I want to repair it, not repeal it,” Manchin tells us. “Let’s make it better.”

update: Two more Democrats up in ’12, Sen. Jim Webb (Va.) and Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.), also will continue to back the law. “Let the courts work their way through this,” Webb tells us. Nelson, for his part, curtly says “No,” he will not change his position. He adds: “Have a nice day.”


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