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Mandate Defenders Advocate for the ‘1 Percent’

The Left is all about their 1 percent mantra . . . except on the issue of Georgetown Law grads being assured free contraception.

This is from a few days ago, but Megyn Kelly issued a smart caution to HHS-mandate defenders on The O’Reilly Factor recently about the recent Georgetown Law stunt:

When I went to law school, which I put myself through for $100,000 dollars of debt, I didn’t expect anybody to pay for my health insurance, which I had none of. No health insurance. And I’m sure a lot of your viewers can relate right now, because they, too, didn’t have health insurance. They too didn’t have anybody paying their way through college or for… or through professional school.

So, I put myself $100,000 dollars into debt. Didn’t have health insurance at all, never mind contraception coverage. And never once did I think of myself as a victim who needed somebody else to step in and pay for those things for me.

. . . 

 Ironically, I think that Sandra Fluke has done more to undermine support for that type of program for the President’s health-care law than anybody else in recent memory. . . 

There are people out there who are really hurting right now. I think of my own sister. She doesn’t have a job right now. She’s a single mom of three kids, two of whom are in college.

She does not care about where Ms. Fluke is getting her contraception coverage from. She cares about getting a job and, hopefully, getting health insurance for her family. She doesn’t want to see our Congress people wasting time talking about her contraception coverage of a Georgetown Law School student.

Guess what the starting salary is if you graduate from Georgetown Law School. The average starting salary… our viewers may not know this… $160,000 a year for your first year out of law school. These are not victims. These are the elite. These are the luckiest young professionals among them in our country.

Kelly didn’t even get into the fact that Fluke’s argument wasn’t quite relevant to the mandate debate itself, because she wasn’t talking about an employer, and that her most jarring and empathetic example, a woman with an ovarian cyst, appears to be a bureaucratic insurance-company error, not a Georgetown policy (Catholic institutions will cover medical insurance for contraceptive pills that are prescribed for medical needs). But she doesn’t even need to . . . in case you missed it:

Women are occupying common sense in this HHS-mandate debate, despite the Left’s best attempts of scaring and driving an insulting “war on women” narrative.


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