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March for Life 2011

Around this time last week, some of you were getting ready for your trip to Washington for the March for Life to protest the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision 38 years ago this month. Once again, it may not have been one of the most covered news events in Washington, but it happened — complete with enthusiastic young people, a march of freshman congressmen, prayers and political and cultural optimism from activists and servants. Some photos I snapped along the way Monday: 

A march is born:


A somber and honest beginning:

They came from Florida:



And Chicago: 

And Pennsylvania:

And Indiana: 

And Baltimore: 

And New York:


And New Jersey: 

And Louisiana:

And St. Louis:

And Wisconsin:

And Ohio:

And Texas: 

And Maine: 

And North Dakota: 

From a local high school: 


Do no harm: 

I run into an recent old friend, Mary Anne Marks, recent Harvard grad, on the road to religious sisterhood (read more here):


Mother in the cold:

Take that, 41 percent

Yes, Georgetown has a pro-life group:

Another thriving collegiate pro-life group:

I run into the Susan B. Anthony List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser: 

Left over from last year? 

Look familiar? 

You know her:

We’re homemade:

Grateful to be: 


Defending the right to life in China too:

Loving’ life: 


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