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March for Life Highlights Thus Far

Becoming a commissioner

Running into David Solomon from a pro-life bastion at Notre Dame

Running into the Sisters of Life

Seeing students from — and the president of — the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota

Running into someone who is a sister (well, on the road to . . . ) in more ways than one — the subject of an item of mine I have gotten so much feedback on: Mary Anne Marks, the Harvard star who entered a convent in Michigan this past August. She’s radiant and doing well. 

Speaking on — I kid you not: “The Virgin Mary, Saint Monica, and Sarah Palin: Embracing a New Feminism” at Georgetown’s beautiful Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life yesterday (I can be a road show too, just e-mail). The highlight though, was chatting with a 19-year-old whose mother was encouraged to abort her. Thank you, mom! She should be proud. A beautiful young woman . . .

I should have some other highlights on Twitter. (And hop back on the Corner when I’m near heat again . . . )


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