The Corner

March For Life

Has anybody on The Corner encountered any estimates on the number of

marchers in the March for Life this year? Seen any photos of the full street, so

that the crowd might be counted?

Can anybody think of any other civil rights cause in American history for

which more Americans have demonstrated in a march, across as many years and

in as great numbers?

Have bloggers done any better in doing justice to this march than the

mainstream pro-abortion press?

What is the best guess as to the reason for the total press blackout of

this reality? Is it class status–a culture war of the educated elite against

the working class? Or is it purely a case of preferential bias, on account

of rival moral sympathies?

I would be interested in speculation and argument on these points. But,

most of all, in establishing the actual facts of the numbers of marchers this

year, and cumulatively since the year after the decision in Roe v Wade.