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March for Life

This afternoon, EWTN broadcasted the March for Life. I watched for nearly three hours as the march just kept streaming up the street, often as many as fifteen abreast.

As we think of the first African-American president in history, our minds drift to one class of Americans who will never be allowed to become president–the 45 million lives aborted in the womb since 1972.

Has it touched the heart of our first African-American president that the largest single number of the aborted are black children in the womb–13 million of them?  These are children who will never be allowed to achieve the dreams they would have developed. These are children who will never be able to vote. These are children whose unique contributions to American politics, the arts, our culture, and the many different professions and occupations of our working lives will never come to full bloom.

I think many are now praying that the eyes of Barack and Michelle Obama will be opened and that they will not seek to narrow the circle the number of Americans whose rights are protected in law, but rather to widen the circle so that the rights of these great potential talents and loving persons will be protected during the months of their greatest vulnerability. 


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