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Some of What I Saw at the March for Life

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s grave Roe v. Wade decision. On Friday, over 100,000 of us were on the mall, marching up to the Hill to Supreme Court, emphasizing the urgency of bringing love to this issue on the frontlines (the theme of the March this year was “Love Saves Lives”) where women and families need support and in our politics surrounding the issue of abortion often comes across as salt being poured into open wounds, as so many people carry the pain of these four decades of death. 

We’ve had some excellent pieces over the last few days by Kevin and Alexandra and over the years by Ramesh Ponnuru especially ( and we have a new NR Pro-Life Reader that captures some of the pieces from over the years that have appeared in the print magazine and online we’re using as a hand-out at NRI events surrounding life issues — it made its debut at the March for Life expo last week). This is what I wrote for over the weekend, as the prayer vigil the night before had begun. And here are just a few of my encounters ripped from my hyper tweeting (until my phone battery died) on Friday: 


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