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Marco Rubio Responds to Rand Paul and Jeb Bush on Immigration

On CNN’s The Lead today, Senator Marco Rubio offered his thoughts on Senator Paul’s immigration speech. He said that Rand Paul’s statements showed there was a growing consensus for immigration reform. Rubio then reiterated the main points of his plan: modernizing our legal immigration system, enforcing existing laws, and finding a way to give legal status to the current population of illegal immigrants without granting “blanket amnesty.”

He also addressed Jeb Bush’s claim that Rubio was previously not in favor of a “pathway to citizenship,” by explaining that he has never been in favor of a “special” pathway to citizenship. He said that he wants to provide illegal immigrants with the ability to eventually apply for a green card, but that there would not be “a special pathway to a green card, citizenship, or anything else, because it’s unfair to the people who are doing it the right way and it would incentivize illegal immigration in the future.”


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