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Mardi Gras, DCCC Style

We interrupt your bulltwinkie wingnuttery with this message from James Carville, which just arrived in my inbox:

Kathryn –

Here is the plan: The fine folks at the DCCC are launching an advertising campaign while Republicans are home in their districts for President’s Day to help expose the Republicans’ not-so-secret plan to gut social security.

So far, thanks to you, Democrats at the DCCC have raised just a little over $50,000 for our campaign.

But, the truth is this latest bunch of bulltwinkie wingnut ideas from the Grand Oil Party is scariest because in the same breath they are shouting all over town they have the momentum to win in November.

There is no way you and I are going to let them drag us back into the ditch they drove us into – no way, no how.

Help me today by contributing to the DCCC’s Rapid Response Fund to continue ad campaigns like these, GOP tracker programs, structuring early field programs and whatever else it takes to win.

Let’s take that $50,000 we raised and show the Republicans what we are made of – let’s double, no triple it!Help the DCCC raise $150,000 by this time Friday for our Democratic Rapid Response Fund. 

If Republicans and their Tea Party allies gain control of Congress in November’s election, these radical plans will be put into action.

Stand with me and the DCCC against Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the Republican special interests and their dangerous plans for America’s future. Contribute today.

Thank you,

James Carville

There’s a “P.S.” added, getting the words “Sarah Palin” and “Tea Party” in one more time. Somewhere a neocon shiksa is going mad. 

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