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Is Maria Cino Credibly Pro-life?

It’s quite possible and welcome for a pro-abortion Republican (or Democrat!) to change his or her views.

But the information that Maria Cino, a candidate for RNC chair backed by many mainstream conservatives, is circulating about her record is misleading. She’s claiming that she is a victim of false attacks, when in fact she has refused to acknowledge, explain, or deny the fact that she served on the board of directors for a pro-abortion GOP group (Wish List) and made personal donations to their pro-abortion PAC, as Lifesite News has reported.

Her response is woefully inadequate to the main charge: No one I know who is deeply and ardently pro-life would participate in a pro-abortion PAC.

Come clean, Maria. Trust is a precious commodity. Don’t squander it.

CORRECTION: It was that did the reporting.


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