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Marist: Obama Leads in Florida, Ohio

President Obama is up six points in a new poll of likely Ohio voters, but the poll gives more of a partisan advantage to Democrats than they enjoyed in 2008.

In the new NBC/WSJ/Marist poll, Obama is at 51 percent, six points ahead of Mitt Romney (45 percent). But the sample is 38 percent Democrat, 29 percent Republican, and 32 percent independent. In 2008, Democrats only had a 8-point advantage over Republicans. (In 2004, Republicans had a 5-point advantage in the state!)

Obama is at 49 percent and Romney at 47 percent among likely Florida voters in the NBC/WSJ/Marist poll. That sample is 37 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican, and 27 percent independent. In 2008, Democrats had a 3-point advantage over Republicans, per the Florida exit polls.

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