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Mark Levin, Hysterical Ninnies, Etc.

Mark, am I to understand that you’re upset on behalf of the fine folks at Media Matters over my describing them as “hysterical ninnies”? Or did those words leap to mind because … because they are the very first thing that comes up when you Google my name, and you didn’t have time to dig any deeper?

I’m betting the latter, because you do not seem to know much about me. You describe Douthat and me as composing some part of:

a small group of hacks repeatedly quoting each other and linking to each other … 

But I’ll bet one week of what I make vs. one week of what you make that you cannot locate, before my post today, a single instance of my linking to Ross Douthat. I doubt you can find an example of me quoting him. Nothing against Ross Douthat, but those are the facts.

I do hope you will have the courage of your convictions in this matter.


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