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Mark Levin: ‘It’s Obvious to Most of Us That We Live in a Post-Constitutional Era.’

Radio talk show host Mark Levin brought his usual soft-spoken and mild-mannered style to the NRA Convention in Indianapolis Friday afternoon.

“You’ve heard about the former Supreme Court justice who wants to get rid of the Second Amendment?” he asked, referring to John Paul Stevens, who is calling for limiting the right to bear arms to state militias in a new book. “I’ve got a Constitutional amendment, too. I’ve got one to limit the time of any Supreme Court justice on the bench to twelve years. I want to limit every member of Congress to twelve years, too. Whaddya think of that one?” He asked to cheers and applause.

(No word if the NRA-endorsed members of Congress who spoke before Levin applauded as well.)

Surprisingly, Levin was the first speaker to refer to California state senator. Leland Yee, the vehemently ant-gun lawmaker who stands accused of gun trafficking

“It’s obvious to most of us that we live in a post-Constitutional era, which has been the objective for the Democratic party for a long time,” Levin continued. He said that the option on the other side were mostly “French Republicans, who are confused, not sure what to do. They’re looking for a way to reach out. I have one. It’s called the Constitution of the United States. They’re looking for an economic agenda. I have one. It’s called capitalism.”


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