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Mark Levin’s Ameritopia

Today, The New Criterion published my review of The Great One’s latest No. 1 bestseller. Ameritopia is a remarkable book, mainstreaming foundational works of political philosophy that shape the divide between liberty and statism. My conclusion:

The stark question Mark Levin poses is whether we are so far gone that the losses are permanent. Do we throw off Ameritopia and pivot back toward liberty and self-determination? Or will we remember this pass as “the good old days,” the soft tyranny in an inexorable disintegration into some harsher variety that has, for millennia, been the fate of failed democracies? Levin — insightful, fact-driven, pulling no punches — characteristically declines to don rose-tinted glasses. Ameritopia is the deep contemplation of a staunch believer in the vision of the American founding, one who sees that if dramatic counteraction does not begin promptly, all will be lost. The chilling part is that he is anything but sanguine about the likely outcome.

The review is at TNC’s website, here


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