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Mark Sanford to Mount Comeback

The former South Carolina governor is reportedly planning to announce that he will run for the House seat being vacated by Representative Tim Scott, who Nikki Haley has appointed to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate. Sanford was last seen in politics in 2009 giving a teary-eyed press conference to explain that his mysterious absence from the governor’s mansion was attributable to his having been in Argentina with his mistress rather than on the Appalachian trail as his spokesman had suggested.

There has also been speculation that his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, is considering a bid for the seat. But one of Mark Sanford’s aides told the Washington Post that he “would not run against his ex-wife, which suggests Jenny Sanford won’t run for the seat.” If he would, and she did, it might make for a bitterly fought campaign. 


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