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Marriage in State Legislatures

The campaign to secure a legislative redefinition of marriage seems to be most active in New Hampshire at this point. There, the House approved a same-sex marriage bill (HB 436) March 26 (the vote was 186-179). Yesterday, however, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2 that the bill was “inexpedient to legislate.” This does not prevent a vote by the entire Senate, but is a negative recommendation. This is good news for the bill’s opponents, who believe the bill can be defeated in the Senate. Cornerstone Policy Research is a local organization opposing the bill.

Another target is Maine, where a joint legislative Judiciary committee held public hearings earlier this week. The same-sex marriage bill there is LD1020. Redefinition advocates think they can succeed in Maine, but the Maine Marriage Initiative and Marriage Facts Maine are working hard to rally the pro-family effort there.

Finally, news reports are suggesting significant bipartisan pushback in the State Senate to Governor Paterson’s desire that New York redefine marriage.


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