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Marshall On Clinton

Rich, I agree that Josh Marshall’s musings on Clinton are well done. But there’s one bit I’m not sure I understand. He writes:

If you step back from the carnage and electricity of this nomination battle, you see a vast drama that compares in its own way with any other in modern American history. And part of that shows you that it’s on the Democrats’ side of the aisle today that the questions roiling the country are being hashed out and decided.

I am not sure that the conflict between Obama and the Clintons necessarily shows that the Democrats are hashing out and deciding the question roiling the country. Indeed, as just about every pundit on the planet has noted by now, the differences between Obama and Hillary on the issues are tiny. After 22 debates (or whatever the exact number was), I’m hard pressed to think of a single big question truly being hashed out among the Democratic candidates. Even on health care, the differences between Obama and Clinton are much, much smaller than the similarities. There is precious little fresh thinking or new ideas among the Democrats this year. Indeed, as Marshall himself observes,  the fireworks on the Democratic side are about “drama” not issues. Is the black guy more deserving than the white woman? Is sexism or racism at work? Which is worse?  When I hear Democrats whining about sexism and racism inside their own party, I don’t see creative or cutting-edge or even timely thinking, I see the neural misfires of an increasingly calcified brain shutting down from an auto-immune disorder (to borrow a phrase from Noemie Emery).  


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