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Marshall’s America

From a reader:

Hey Jonah:

I just read the Josh Marshall article you linked. My favorite part is this:

“The fact that the president is ‘convinced’ that he won, is not only

meaningless but offensive. We have a system of rules for counting votes.

That’s how we decide.

“(As I was writing this, word just went over the wires that Sen. Kerry

called President Bush to concede the election. I don’t second-guess the

decision. They have a better handle on the numbers than anyone. And I’m

sure they can see that they are simply not there.)”

So, let’s see … it’s meaningless and offensive for the President of

the United States to draw a conclusion based on the information at his

disposal, but for John Kerry to do the same is something that shouldn’t

be “second guessed.”

Then this guy moans for several paragraphs about how Bush has, more than

anyone, “bitterly” divided this nation, and just how tragic that is.

John Marshall’s solution? Why, build a special secret

“Democratic-leaning counter-establishment … with an alternative media,

activist groups, organized political giving, in short a political

infrastructure” to attack the Bushies and Red-Staters, that’s what.

Sounds like a unifying gesture to me.

Judging from the consistency exhibited in this article, no wonder this

guy weeps for the Flip-Flop King.


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