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Martin Luther King Jr. & Us: Faith, Hope, Love and the Eradication of Injustice and Bitterness

I’ll be talking with Louis Brown later today and you are invited. He wrote an essay on “A New Birth for American Civil Rights” over the summer that we’ll talk about. The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is about God and man and Heaven. It’s about being grateful and joyous creatures of the Creator, walking with people who don’t look like you at a dark and confusing time. And aren’t we living in one of those now — “the darkness is so deep that we can hardly see which way to turn.” I know many are feeling that right about now. And we each can be a part of the solution, as King talked about then, he talks to us now. “Black Lives Matter” ought not be an ideology, but a reminder to Christians in particular to be Christian. People wouldn’t be looking to the state for so many things that loving neighbors can help with.

“A Knock at Midnight” is a must reread for today. “I Have a Dream,” too. And see you at 2? Register here. (You can also watch after on NRI’s YouTube page.)


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