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Marx & Npr

In the car last night, I departed from the norm and listened to NPR’s “Prairie Home Companion” to hear the generally insufferable Garrison Keillor broadcasting from New York City instead of St. Paul. He featured composer/singer Randy Newman brandishing his liberal oeuvre. It was an NPR crowd, laughing and cheering as Newman sang “The World Isn’t Fair,” whose lyrics sympathize with Karl Marx about how “we care” the world isn’t fair. There’s a few moments of self-deprecating wit about how capitalism allows froggish men to have trophy wives, but it’s generally carrying that college virus that Marx has “never really been tried.” The lyrics are here.

PS: The crowd also whooped its way through the Newman song “Political Science,” which mocks peace-through-strength conservatism as an appetite for nuclear destruction. Its money line is “Let’s drop the big one and see what happens.”

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