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Mary Landrieu

Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” has the senator yelling at the families of slain pregnant women–including Laci Peterson’s mother and stepfather. The story is actually even worse than the paper lets on. Landrieu is quoted saying that she was trying to get the families to support an amendment to the Unborn Victims of Violence Act that would increase funding for domestic violence prevention. That is what she said at the meeting, I’m told, but her claim was untrue. The amendment was a massive re-write of labor law including a requirement that businesses offer 30 days time off for any employee who claimed to be a victim or a family member of a victim of domestic abuse. Also, the story leaves out the fact that Landrieu threatened the families that she would vote for the bill only if they lobbied for the amendment as she demanded. One final detail the story left out, one of the victims’ sisters was brought to tears by the senator’s tirade.


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