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Mary Landrieu: My Multimillion-Dollar Home Is Not a Mansion

Democratic senator Mary Landrieu insists that her multimillion-dollar home in Washington, D.C., isn’t a mansion. 

At a campaign event in Bogalusa, La., this weekend​, Landrieu called a woman up on stage to explain that the 7,300 square-foot house doesn’t qualify as a mansion, and then interrupted the woman to add that she lives next to the cleaners and her home is only 36 feet wide. “They say I live in a mansion,” Landrieu said. “It’s a townhome, which I also have a home in New Orleans.”

Landrieu reportedly lives in a 7,316 square-foot house in D.C. that boasts five bathrooms, four water heaters, and 82 fire sprinkler heads. She claimed this $2.5 million residence as her address on her statement of candidacy, but listed her parents’ address in New Orleans when she was qualifying for the ballot. At the beginning of the video, Landrieu appears to be complaining about the lack of scrutiny regarding her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy’s home, pointing out that he lives on a lake. The label “Senator representing the District of Columbia” really seems to be getting to Landrieu.


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