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Massachusetts’ State Exchange Suffered Some Strange Glitches Last Week

Everyone is well aware of the glitches that have affected, but a recent string of bugs from Massachusetts’ own exchange might be stranger.

As the Boston Herald reported last Friday, a string of issues led to bizarre situations for the Bay Staters attempting to enroll in a health-insurance plan. They include:

‐Adam Romanow, who answered ‘no” to a question asking if he was currently incarcerated. The site told him that it couldn’t verify his incarceration status and asked him to submit proof that he was incarcerated.  According to Romanow, he has “never had handcuffs on” in his life.

Similarly, Nancy Wilde answered a question in the negative, then was asked if she was in a mental hospital or awaiting arraignment.

A pair of women who posted on Massachusetts Health Connector’s Facebook page complained that the site wouldn’t let them complete their application because their last names were hyphenated.

Scott Devonshire, Massachusetts Health Connector’s chief information officer, said Saturday that the incarceration question appeared whenever a federal data hub temporarily went down. He said he and his staff were hoping to fix the problems.

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