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Math Be Damned

Interesting Dick Morris article on how the Democratic delegate math dooms the Clinton campaign.  This is typical of these types of analyses, but they all miss a very important point. None of the superdelegate pledges of support are official until votes are actually cast in August. Until then they amount to notices of intent, nothing more. As we have seen in the defections from the Clinton camp, superdelegates can change their minds. Thus the Clinton team can rightly state that until the convention convenes and actual votes are cast, everything is up for grabs. Then they hope for a major stumble by Obama between now and then which will push superdelegates in their direction. So even if Obama goes “over the top” with superdelegate promises before the convention, even if the Clinton campaign runs out of money, even if the old wise heads of the party go to Clinton and ask her to step aside, nothing is going to prevent this from going to the convention floor.