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Math Math Math

I love when Obama throws around the word “math,” and tells us things don’t add up. I love that he then throws around numbers which are not entirely meaningful, and out of context. Is that not apparent? Maybe some viewers are cowed by these lists of numbers?

Romney knows the numbers, and uses them with facility, and puts them in a comprehensible context. 

Ah, Lilly Ledbetter, pay equity for women. Obama loves this kind of rhetoric. Drags in his poor grandmother who was the only one in his life who ever held a job, back out from under the bus, to note that she hit a glass ceiling.

Romney — not quibbling about the old, discredited bit that women earn 72 cents on the dollar. That’s good, because arguing with the premise is a rhetorical loser. Going right to the point about making sure women succeed — which is flexibility in the workplace. Romney really does have women advisers with real power. With Obama, his wife and puppeteer, Valerie Jarrett, are the women with real power. Oh, and Hillary, who takes responsibility when Obama and his VP won’t.

Is Barack Obama really saying that providing free contraception is the key to female employment? Doubling down on ridiculous.


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