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Since I’m on an air-my-movie-grievances kick, there’s are a few things that’ve been bothering me about the Matrix Reloaded. I figure anyone who hasn’t seen it by now doesn’t care that much about spoilers. But if you do, skip this post.

Now, we’re told by the old dude (the Keeper of the Matrix or whatever his official title is) that humanity has been destroyed a number of times. And at each renewal, a small handful of breeding stock is preserved to repopulate the ranks of humanity. Fine, fine. But how is it that after every regeneration of humanity there are still black people and Asian people and white people? If you’re going to breed a population of hundreds of thousands or millions from a base of a couple dozen people, isn’t that going to be impossible?

Oh, and by the way, I’ve always thought the using humans as energy thing was absurd logically which is why I think the apocalyptic world of Zion is just as fake as the Matrix itself and the series will end with them discovering the real world still exists and is pretty nice (kind of like Logan’s Run). They dropped a hint along these lines when Neo stopped those robot killer things toward the end of Reloaded.

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