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Matrix in The News

Columnist Diana West connects “The Matrix” to various homicides in which the perpetrators claimed to be acting against the omnipresent matrix of control. The most notorious of these appears to be accused sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. Well, Charles Guiteau, who assassinated President James Garfield 1881, was an ardent Bible reader and advocate of “Bible Communism.” Although the Bible is rife with violence, and with killings ordered God, that doesn’t mean that the people who wrote the Bible bear the slightest responsibility for Guiteau’s deranged attempt to use the Bible to justify murder. Timothy McVeigh quoted John Locke, and the Unabomber is reported to have owned heavily-annotated copy of Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance.” But artists and authors can’t be blamed for wicked acts which there was never any intention to incite.


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