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Maureen & Me–Right On, Sista!

In general, MoDo reads (I don’t really read her though, I [skim] her–life is too short as I always say about my CUA sorority sister) like she started drinking before deadline again (something I’m always tempted to do myself—if only I had a Pulitzer to fall back on), but two quick things.

I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t hate to see this: John Bolton “chasing the Syrian ambassador down the hall, throwing a stapler at his head and biting at his ankles?” Or something like that…beats months of warnings: Now, Saddam, go hide or destroy all your weapons now, because the U.S. might be moving in soon…

And, yeah: Right, on Maureen, on this outrage of modern life: “George Tenet presided over the two biggest intelligence failures in modern history. He slam-dunked a Medal of Freedom out of them.”

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