The Corner

The Maw Pulls In Another One

Michael Tomasky:

I want to stipulate up front that I am firmly on OWS’s side. I don’t really know who its leaders are, and I don’t especially care. I don’t know its exact goals—a subject on which the movement has been roundly, and in my view pointlessly, criticized.

He then goes on to lecture a movement he already supports — regardless of its agenda and its leaders –  about how to succeed (short version: Put normal-looking people out front to convince Americans that Occupy Wall Street is something it isn’t). I find the whole thing hilarious. Tomasky is the quintessential liberal sucker. His only advice to the left is on tactics and public relations.  It’s advice they won’t take and he’ll keep supporting them anyway. Why? Because protests are just awesome when they’re from the left regardless of their agenda or leadership  (but super scary from the right no matter the agenda or leadership).

Occupy Wall Street is a sinkhole and it’s not done growing. All sorts of folks are going to be pulled into it before this is over. At this rate, I expect the White House to go ass over tea kettle around Thanksgiving.